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Process automation workflows

With the help of Microsoft PowerAutomate, we develop based on your requirements Solutions for the optimization and automation of existing processes.

Would you like to find out more about the possibilities of PowerAutomate in your company?

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Benefits of PowerAutomate:

  • automate physical, time-consuming processes

  • constant changeability and optimizability

  • inexpensive development

What is Power Automate?

Similar to PowerApps , PowerAutomate is a Microsoft PowerPlatform tool.

With the help of PowerAutomate, so-called flows or workflows can be created that can automate a process across platforms.

PowerAutomate supports (as of July 2020) over 400 so-called connectors with the help of which individual process steps take place.

What is particularly exciting about PowerAutomate is that, just like PowerApps, no in-depth programming knowledge is required.

Workflows in PowerAutomate are easy to create and implement . Existing processes can be converted 1: 1 into digital form, but they can also be optimized and streamlined.


A classic example: the vacation request

Since probably every company has had to deal with the vacation application in some way, whether verbally, in writing or electronically, this is a good example to briefly illustrate the possibilities of PowerAutomate.

The physical process "Vacation Request" could look like this

The submission of a vacation request is handwritten by the employee.

The responsible employee checks the application for completeness and correctness.

He then checks whether this period is possible in the "annual vacation plan " or, if necessary, consults with the manager . If the application has been approved, the applicant receives the signed application back and the employee can use the period.

All process steps run manually, are error-prone and relatively time-consuming .

Time that could be used more efficiently for more important tasks .

The digital process "vacation request" using Flow could look like this

The user selects the desired period and presses the "Apply" button.

A workflow is triggered that checks whether the respective period has already been booked or whether it is available.

It is also checked whether the remaining leave is sufficient for the new application. If the response is positive, corresponding data records are generated for the period with the status "In process".

At the same time, the period in the user's Outlook calendar is blocked with reservations and an email is sent to the colleagues in the HR department, who accept or reject this request at the push of a button.

Depending on the decision of the HR department, the status of all data records is changed to approved or rejected, the applicant automatically receives a notification of the decision and the process is thus completed.

All process steps , with the exception of the "Accept or Reject" activity, are automated.

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